Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blind Faith: Christian or Atheist?

Which calls for blind faith: Atheism or Christianity? Many Atheists claim the following: The universe was created by the “Big Bang”; life was created randomly but not sure exactly how; humans evolved from apes. Atheist don’t know what went bang, where it went bang or when it went bang. They think aliens or a cesspool with a random electrical charge created life. They believe apes had millions of years to evolve into humans but do not have one complete fossil to prove this actually happened. There should be millions of such fossils. Now compare this lack of evidence to the Christian faith. Christians look at the creation and recognize there must be a creator. The same would be true if we looked at a building, a painting or a watch. We would not look at these things and say that they just randomly appeared or evolved. Christians believe that the God of the Bible is the Creator of all things and is eternal. They believe this because they trust the Bible is God’s inspired word. They believe this because the Bible has accurately reflected history and science for thousands of years. Sure the atheists will claim science has refuted the Bible. These claims are based on assumptions not concrete facts. Based on wishful thinking to eliminate a God that will judge them one day for rejecting Jesus Christ as the Savior of all the Universe.